Seahorses Guest House welcomes well behaved pets. We have two and a half acres of garden where dogs can enjoy lots of open space and direct access to local footpaths; please be aware that a public footpath runs through our property, and local dog walkers use it regularly. It is important to realise that our property is not fully fenced in, so dogs that tend to wander should be kept on leads.

We ask our guests with pets to be aware that not all our guests may feel attracted to the close proximity of animals, especially dogs. Some children are especially nervous of large and/or bouncy dogs. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to please make sure your animal is kept under your close control and awareness whilst staying at Seahorses. What follows are some ‘rules of house’ for everyone’s convenience and clarity.

Kinds of Pet:
we usually have dogs! If there is any other type of pet (cats/parrots?) please let us know beforehand by mentioning it whilst filling in the e-mail Booking Enquiry Form or by phone.
Numbers of Pets:
again, please inform us beforehand if you are intending to bring several pets (maximum 2 pets per room).
Size of pets:
if you have an extremely large dog for example, please inform us beforehand.
Room restrictions:
please make sure your pet, or pets, do not accompany you into the breakfast room without prior agreement of the other guests. The same applies to the downstairs sitting room/lounge. Your pet is welcome to stay in the adjacent conservatory whilst having your breakfast but must not be left unaccompanied in the bedrooms. Please prevent your pet from trying to make its way to our kitchen!
Leaving pets unattended:
we don’t recommend leaving your pet in the bedroom unattended whilst you go out. In our experience the pet will be stressed in strange surroundings. There are pet friendly pubs only 10 minutes walk away (there is another one in Yarmouth).
please inform us of any damage to property caused by your pet. We like to think we are understanding and reasonable!

Whisky and Pippa at Brook Bay

Photo: Whisky and Pippa at Brook Bay

 Whisky with petfloat

Photo: Whisky with petfloat