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We’ve upgraded the site to make it easier to read using different technologies such as text-only browsers, screen readers, Braille interfaces and even mobile phones. We’ve also added a couple of features which will make life easier if you’re using a web browser that supports them like Firefox or recent versions of Internet Explorer.

Keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to alter the text size of the page you are viewing using Ctrl++, Ctrl+- and Ctrl+0 in Firefox and Konqueror. In IE7+ this key combination zooms the entire page. In Opera the same effect can be achieved withShift++ and Shift+-, on an Apple Mac, the equivalent isApple++ and Apple+-.

Configuring your computer

You can change the text size through your browser’s Viewmenu; look for options like Zoom and Text Size. There are usually further accessibility options available in your browsers preferences section. Further assistive technologies may be offered by your operating system – check out System > Universal Access in the Finder on OSX or Accessories > Accessibility in the Programs menu of Windows XP, Gnome users will find the equivalent options under Preferences > Accessibility in the Main ‘footprint’ Menu.

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