Art Courses

Upcoming art courses.

At Seahorses, Boris is the resident artist. As well as years of experience in watercolours, modelling and sculpture, he has given many courses to groups of varying abilities, including those with learning difficulties.

Photo: Getting help with making a mosaic

Boris gives courses to local adults and children in our art and craft studios. Courses can also be offered to Seahorses guests to suit their needs whilst on holiday, subject to Boris’ availability.

Photo: An African mask

Prices depend on materials used, but are approximately £10.00 an hour for adults and £5.00 for children. A weekly rate can also be arranged.

Photo: Painting on an easel in the garden

There is a wide range of activities on offer. For a short visit, it would be possible to finish a small mosaic box, plant pot or do a T-shirt printing, using stencils or free designs with hand-prints and brushes.

Painting a design on a T-shirt

If you are staying longer at Seahorses, you might want to try your hand at silk-painting – not as difficult as you might think! For those feeling more adventurous, why not try sculpting your first masterpiece? If this sounds too strenuous, you can enjoy clay modelling.

Carving an alabaster sculpture

Creating a Raku pot is another possibility, though this would take at least a little longer due to the trial and error involved in this technique.

Photo of an open fire used in the making of Raku pottery

Also on offer is guidance in watercolour painting, using the wet-on-wet technique, where as a beginner, you can enjoy the magic of colours mixing and blending before your eyes without the stress of needing to complete a perfect and finished painting. For the more experienced watercolourist it could be fruitful to experiment, with assistance, using a wide range of techniques.

Photo: Silk painting

Some of our guests, who are more experienced in the arts & crafts, ask to rent the studio facilities whilst they are on holiday; this is usually possible, but occasionally there are other groups or individuals who have already asked beforehand. So it is always a good idea to check with us in advance, by phone or e-mail, to avoid disappointment.

Photo of the studio

Why not visit the Seahorses Art Gallery to see examples of the artwork made here? If you’d like to book an art course during your stay, please mention this on the booking enquiry form.